How can a business remain in business without enough cash or insight into it’s finances? Although it might appear an obvious need, the truth is many small and growing businesses don’t know enough about their businesses financial well-being to enable them to secure the future. So how can you ensure that the financial future is secure?

Whether you’re a new business or have been established for some time, every business needs a clear and accurate view of their businesses finances. In very new and small businesses, the financial function is often over-looked due to lack of resource or knowledge but it shouldn’t be – after all, no cash = no business.

But it isn’t all about cashflow (although many would argue against that statement). There is so much more that a good finance function or financial reporting can do to help ensure the future success of your business. Every business leader should have a working knowledge of finance such as how profitable certain lines of business are, or is there an issue with cash not coming into the business quickly enough?

We have a massive amount of experience in identifying key financial issues and helping to find the solution.

Some areas where we can help:

  • Financial review and critical analysis on key areas
  • Development of financial reporting and process improvement
  • Production of bespoke reports and business plans
  • Long and medium term financial planning and forecasting
  • Producing funding application information and liaison with bankers/funders

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